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Being mobile accessible is no longer a choice, it’s a must. The extent of smartphone penetration has created a need for many companies to rethink how…

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Running out of RAM on a Amazon EC2 linux instance

By Bladimir on Aug 5, 2014

While updating a QA environment of an linux based free tier instance of Amazon EC2 with a Symfony based application I ran into an issue with the memory available when running this command: php composer.phar update This was failing with “Fatal error: Allowed...

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The future – Google Glass

The future – Google Glass

By fquesada on May 14, 2014

Google Glass is definitely the gadget of the moment, but .. is it the future? There are diverse opinions on this topic, but I’m going to talk about my experience using Glass. My first impression was: it’s a super-gadget!! However as I was using it realized...

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Running specific test with Karma

Running specific test with Karma

By Bladimir on Mar 19, 2014

For those who have a basic BDD background using cucumber like me, may be used to be able to run just one single scenario on one specific tests only by executing: cucumber add_customer_test:XX where XX is the line number of the test we want to run on the...

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Our work methodology

Fixed Bid

  • In this type of engagement, software development is contracted per the total project, and it has a fixed cost associated with an established project plan. The estimate is based on the scope and execution time.

Retainer Fee

  • Under this model, DotCreek provides one engineer or an entire development team on a monthly fee basis. Normally, on the client side, there’s a Project Manager who organizes the team’s work according to every project’s needs.

Time and Materials

  • This engagement consists of a fixed payment per hour effort, it can be suitable for projects where the total effort cannot be estimated in advance and/or the scope of work can vary during execution.

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